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Day 30: Shake Shack

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Nestled under the trees in the southeast corner of Madison Square Park, with tables and chairs on a floor of gravel, reminiscent of a traditional biergarten but with a menu of ultimate all-American eats, Shake Shack is a summertime do. It’s typical for the line to snake nearly as far as the park’s entrance gates, but don’t let that deter you. Once you make it to the over-sized menu boards you’ll realize it’s worth it. Burgers, hot-dogs and fries—from your most basic to the most piled high with savory toppings; and for dessert—frozen custard in daily special flavors, milkshakes and concretes— a custard base with your choice of mix-ins, from the divine list that includes shortbread cookie, peanut butter sauce and Valrhona chocolate chunks, to name a few. Day or night it’s a great way to spend some city downtime outdoors. Just make sure you go hungry.


Day 29: Burger at Corner Bistro

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A longtime neighborhood favorite, this place needs no introduction. On most any night of the week, it’s filled to capacity, every seat full, hungry carnivores lined up inside waiting for tables, waiting to order what are some of the city’s best burgers. With a menu of only about a dozen items (all of them under ten bucks) and a list of cheap beers, this dive bar-slash-burger joint is a New York City must. To avoid a painstakingly long wait check the place out midday where the grub is just as good and you can get it minus the mayhem.

Day 28: Gay Pride Parade

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Every summer, for one weekend, New York City rainbows it up super style in honor of Gay Pride. Crowds line Fifth Avenue to dance and cheer as floats go by in the annual parade which celebrates a community that makes up a great part of the city’s diversity. Drag queens donning their hottest little numbers, complete with pink wigs and six-inch stilettos strut their stuff, as flags wave and music plays. For anyone there to witness it, it’s a celebration. No question, the costumes, the colors and certainly the pride is hard, or impossible rather, to ignore.

Day 27: Picnic for Lovers and Friends

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It might be the most clichéd warm-weather to-do in New York City, but there is something about a lazy day in the grass at Central Park that beats all the others. Take your favorite person to cuddle with or your best circle of friends, lay down a blanket and call it a day. Make it a picnic with lunch from Zabar’s and a bottle of wine, bring the frisbee or a book or nothing but yourself. Sprawl out in the shade or in the sun, on one of the many lawns or on a side patch of grass. You might find yourself saying: “this has got to be the best place in the world.”

Day 26: Friday Night at McCarren Park

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Miss the Friday Night Lights? Head to Brooklyn’s McCarren Park for a fix, and on top of that, a perfect summer night. On a typical evening, with all that goes on within the park’s 35 acres, you’d think it was mid-day– the aforementioned lights a-blazin’, runners lapping the track and hand-ballers at war on the courts. Spectators cheer for their favorite teams while happy families stroll the streets for night-time promenades. Take a step away from fast-paced city life and pull up a seat on the turf for a night in the sweet Brooklyn air. 

Day 25: Splish Splash in Washington Square Park

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Summer in the city, like anywhere else can get hot. Unfortunately a sprint to the ocean isn’t an everyday option for most of us. Just weeks ago, following a nearly 18-month-long renovation, the barricades surrounding Washington Square Park finally came down and once again people were free to roam. The park, which was named after George Washington, is located in the center of Greenwich Village. Among the 9.75 acres of land it covers, one will find the famous arch standing designed by architect Stanford White and two statues of the north end, a small-dog run over to the southwest, chess tables, benches, pathways and patches of grass. In the center, the best remedy for an afternoon in the sweltering heat– a grand fountain. Dip your feet in if you dare or simply sit in the mist as the children frolic and the musicians play. If you get too close, you might get soaked. But, at least you’ll be refreshed!

Day 24: Bleecker Street Stroll

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With what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming abundance of things to do and see in New York City, it’s understandable one might get stumped when deciding something as simple as where to go for a lazy day stroll. The stretch of Bleecker Street from Sixth Avenue heading west to its end on Hudson Street is brimming with storefronts to wander in and out of or just window shop in. There are so many you could come back for days, but since they’re all in a line, it’s possible to do it in a couple of hours. For specialty groceries you’re set with four shops between Leroy and Morton Streets—Amy’s Bread, The Lobster Place, Murray’s Cheese and Faicco’s Pork Store. A few doors down is the inviting Aphrodisia, chock-full of every herb, spice and essential oil under the sun. Down the block is Risotteria with a menu of over thirty…yup, risottos, among other yummy items. Just at Seventh Avenue (not technically on Bleecker, but close enough) is Centro Vinoteca for Italian eats, and a few steps further, Surya for Indian…with a garden. A few blocks down is Pumpkin, a bright collection of kid’s clothing and unique playthings. In between and across the street is a tiny shop Variazioni for frilly, feminine clothing and down a few doors are the strikingly beautiful windows of Ovando floral shop. Simply admire the exotic flowers from outside, or step in to buy even a single stem to walk away with. A little ways down find great leather bags at Verve then continue along to find Paris’s best candle shop, Diptyque. Just beyond that find Marc Jacobs goodies galore with Little Marc Jacobs, and two Marc by Marc Jacobs stores, one for accessories alone, the other for Ready-to-Wear. In between you’ll find the famed Magnolia Bakery and directly across (but soon to be moving farther east on Bleecker) is the quaint Biography Bookshop. And then along the way, if these aren’t enough, you’ll of course find the big names like Reiss, Steven, Juicy, Jack, and Ralph. Tons of fun, all on one street.

Day 23: Yoga in the Park

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If you’ve never done a sun salutation looking past the trees, up to the sky, the opportunity has arrived. Tuesday mornings from 10-11am in Bryant Park, Lululemon Athletica hosts a morning that makes you feel, not only at one with your body’s energy, but also at one with the nature surrounding you and the city beyond. Welcoming yogis of all levels, it’s an hour of downward dogs and warrior poses chock full of good vibrations– never mind the onlookers. And if yoga in front of a crowd is not for you, the city has plenty of unpopulated parks with blankets of grass and shady trees where you can practice solo. Namaste.

NYC Department of Parks and Recreation

Day 22: Rooftop Sangria

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Rooftops were made for warm weather gatherings and sangria was made for summer. But since New Yorkers know that neither will be around forever, best that you get out now, even if the sun itself is still in hiding. For a relaxing end to the day head up to the roof with glass [of sangria that you made the night before] in hand and muse at the city below. Don’t have a roof? Don’t have a pitcher? Check out one of the many rooftop bars in and around the city for the same taste of a great night in the open air. 

New York City Rooftop Bars

Bar Buzz – Rooftop Bars

Day 21: Bowling at Lucky Strike

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Bowling doesn’t have to mean a dingy alley with fiberglass chairs, fluorescent lighting and pitchers of cheap beer. No! Though it might seem a strange setting for what’s typically thought of as a casual recreational activity, neon lights, modern, upholstered furniture and artwork on the walls is the norm at Manhattan’s Lucky Strike. With twenty-six lanes for play, a bar and lounge area, a DJ and a menu that includes coconut shrimp, mac & cheese bites, sliders and cookie shooters, it’s a glamorous night at the lanes. Yes, there’s a dress code and yes, you might find a line at the velvet rope and have to wait for a while once inside, but then again this isn’t your average bowling alley. Cocktails, music and people-watching, before you know it you’ll be slipping off your stilettos going for the strike. Hopefully it’s a lucky one.