Andrea F

Day 10: Lunch at Katz’s Delicatessen

In NYC, NYC Restaurants, things to do in NYC on June 10, 2009 at 6:09 pm


 In a neighborhood that gets plenty of attention for its hipster bars and stylish boutiques, Katz’s Delicatessan stands—and has since 1888. It needn’t try to be cool. It just is. With a guarded door, one must take a ticket upon entry and use it to pay in order to leave. At the counter, manned by a line of guys in paper deli hats you wait to order a sandwich or a plate, by the pound meats or mail orders. It can be a bit daunting at first with everything moving along in a rather regimented fashion and most patrons—even the tourists—going with the flow. No worries of course. If you land in the wrong spot surely someone will direct you towards the right one. And though it’s called a deli, this is by no means your typical sandwich shop. Everything is made fresh on the premises from the franks to the pickles. A reuben sandwich runs you $15.75, but it’s worth every penny, even if you didn’t know you liked pastrami. Plan on going with a big appetite or sharing with a friend as the portions are monstrous. Sit down at one of the many tables, either self-serve or waiter service and soak it all in. A lunch at Katz’s is a picture of New York—back in the day and now, over a hundred years later.

  1. Ah Katz’s!! Loved this place and resisted reenacting that “When Harry Met Sally” scene – as Im sure most visitors have! The portions were huge – we shared a sandwich and some chips (sorry, fries) between us and couldn’t finish it all! Love the new blog Andrea – will be adding you to my blogroll for my daily NYC fix!

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