Andrea F

Day 11: Garment District Tour

In Fabric stores, NYC, things to do in NYC on June 11, 2009 at 3:36 pm


Everyone knows Mood Fabrics thanks to Mr. “Make it Work”, Tim Gunn and the lovely Heidi Klum. But in New York City’s Garment District which stretches from Fifth Avenue to Ninth Avenue between 34th and 42nd Streets, there are plenty more stores to tackle. Even if sewing is not your strong suit, combing the fabric emporiums and trim shops (especially the ones scattered on and  around 37th and 38th Streets between Seventh and Eighth Avenues) can be loads of fun and might even bring out a creative side you never knew you had. The selections of ribbons, buttons, feathers, twine– you name it– is endless. And whether it’s spandex, leather, silk or just plain cotton, the stores are jammed with more bolts than space to walk around. But however unorganized they might appear, they’re worth checking out. The variety of textures, colors and patterns is far greater than any you’ll find in a neighborhood fabric store. And if you find one you really love, you might even be able to bargain for a deal.

  1. I usually hit the garment district for work. But, touring for fun! WHAT A GREAT IDEA! A great way to get inspired!

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