Andrea F

Day 21: Bowling at Lucky Strike

In NYC, NYC Bowling, NYC Sports and Recreation, things to do in NYC on June 21, 2009 at 11:52 pm


Bowling doesn’t have to mean a dingy alley with fiberglass chairs, fluorescent lighting and pitchers of cheap beer. No! Though it might seem a strange setting for what’s typically thought of as a casual recreational activity, neon lights, modern, upholstered furniture and artwork on the walls is the norm at Manhattan’s Lucky Strike. With twenty-six lanes for play, a bar and lounge area, a DJ and a menu that includes coconut shrimp, mac & cheese bites, sliders and cookie shooters, it’s a glamorous night at the lanes. Yes, there’s a dress code and yes, you might find a line at the velvet rope and have to wait for a while once inside, but then again this isn’t your average bowling alley. Cocktails, music and people-watching, before you know it you’ll be slipping off your stilettos going for the strike. Hopefully it’s a lucky one.


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