Andrea F

Day 24: Bleecker Street Stroll

In Bleecker Street, NYC, NYC Bookstores, NYC Restaurants, NYC Shopping, things to do in NYC on June 24, 2009 at 11:52 pm


With what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming abundance of things to do and see in New York City, it’s understandable one might get stumped when deciding something as simple as where to go for a lazy day stroll. The stretch of Bleecker Street from Sixth Avenue heading west to its end on Hudson Street is brimming with storefronts to wander in and out of or just window shop in. There are so many you could come back for days, but since they’re all in a line, it’s possible to do it in a couple of hours. For specialty groceries you’re set with four shops between Leroy and Morton Streets—Amy’s Bread, The Lobster Place, Murray’s Cheese and Faicco’s Pork Store. A few doors down is the inviting Aphrodisia, chock-full of every herb, spice and essential oil under the sun. Down the block is Risotteria with a menu of over thirty…yup, risottos, among other yummy items. Just at Seventh Avenue (not technically on Bleecker, but close enough) is Centro Vinoteca for Italian eats, and a few steps further, Surya for Indian…with a garden. A few blocks down is Pumpkin, a bright collection of kid’s clothing and unique playthings. In between and across the street is a tiny shop Variazioni for frilly, feminine clothing and down a few doors are the strikingly beautiful windows of Ovando floral shop. Simply admire the exotic flowers from outside, or step in to buy even a single stem to walk away with. A little ways down find great leather bags at Verve then continue along to find Paris’s best candle shop, Diptyque. Just beyond that find Marc Jacobs goodies galore with Little Marc Jacobs, and two Marc by Marc Jacobs stores, one for accessories alone, the other for Ready-to-Wear. In between you’ll find the famed Magnolia Bakery and directly across (but soon to be moving farther east on Bleecker) is the quaint Biography Bookshop. And then along the way, if these aren’t enough, you’ll of course find the big names like Reiss, Steven, Juicy, Jack, and Ralph. Tons of fun, all on one street.


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