Andrea F

Day 25: Splish Splash in Washington Square Park

In NYC, NYC for free, NYC Parks, things to do in NYC, Washington Square Park on June 25, 2009 at 11:46 pm


Summer in the city, like anywhere else can get hot. Unfortunately a sprint to the ocean isn’t an everyday option for most of us. Just weeks ago, following a nearly 18-month-long renovation, the barricades surrounding Washington Square Park finally came down and once again people were free to roam. The park, which was named after George Washington, is located in the center of Greenwich Village. Among the 9.75 acres of land it covers, one will find the famous arch standing designed by architect Stanford White and two statues of the north end, a small-dog run over to the southwest, chess tables, benches, pathways and patches of grass. In the center, the best remedy for an afternoon in the sweltering heat– a grand fountain. Dip your feet in if you dare or simply sit in the mist as the children frolic and the musicians play. If you get too close, you might get soaked. But, at least you’ll be refreshed!


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