Andrea F

Day 33: First Fridays at the Noguchi Museum

In Isamu Noguchi, Long Island City, NYC, NYC for free, NYC Museums, Summer 2009, things to do in NYC on July 3, 2009 at 11:48 pm


If you’re not familiar with the name Isamu Noguchi, all the more reason to visit the Long Island City museum dedicated to his work. Opened in 1985 by Noguchi himself, and re-opened in 2004 after a two-and-a-half year renovation, the indoor-outdoor space includes thirteen galleries and a garden, which display sculptures by the artist in stone, wood, metal and clay. Wander room to room and find works in both large and small scale, models of commissioned works, some realized, others not, and photographic representations of some of Noguchi’s most notable public projects that exist throughout the world. During the summer, the museum holds Free First Fridays with no cost admission and extended hours on the first Friday of each month, and on second Sundays, Music in the Garden. There is a sense of peace that exists in Noguchi’s work and in the space in which it sits—hard to describe, yet easily felt when walking through it.

The Noguchi Museum


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