Andrea F

Day 38: New York City Slice

In NYC, NYC Cheap Eats, NYC Pizza, NYC Restaurants, things to do in NYC on July 8, 2009 at 11:10 pm


Pizza is a must in NYC. The classic slice. A cheap eat and the perfect chow when you’re on-the-go like most of us are here, at work or at play up and down, east and west, tiring you feet on the city streets. But with pizza places on every corner, which one to choose? Ask anyone which is best and you’ll get a hundred different answers cause they’re all great. Ray’s, Ben’s, Joe’s, whatever, just as long as you’re not walking into one of the big names whose commercials you can’t get out of your head. Some of these guys here have been donning the white apron, tossing the dough for decades. Just the same, New Yorkers know the drill—order and move, 1,2, 3. No waffling! Once you’re out the door, you can mosey. Grab a seat on a park bench and enjoy your slice while watching the city whirl around you.

Ben’s Pizza (the personal fave)


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