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Day 44: NYC Summer Restaurant Week

In NYC, NYC Restaurant Week, NYC Restaurants, things to do in NYC on July 14, 2009 at 11:51 pm


In New York City, dining out is certainly a favorite pastime for visitors and locals alike. With thousands upon thousands of restaurants lining every side street, every avenue and industry insiders touting the newest hotspots daily, it’s hard to stay away, even when times are tough and money’s tight. Enter NYC Summer Restaurant Week where over 250 restaurants offer three-course prix-fixe menus for lunch at $24.07 and dinner at $35. Since it started in 1992, the program has gained a tremendous following over the years, bringing people to tables they ordinarily might not visit. Menus are available for previewing at, so take a look, grab some hungry friends, and feast away. It’s likely the most delicious bang for your buck you’ll ever find.

NYC Restaurant Week – now through July 31

  1. […] and thrown for a loop watching my friend win five-hundred bucks at the track. I wined and dined at NY Restaurant Week, tried my hand at kayaking in the Hudson River and spent three days waiting for tickets to […]

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