Andrea F

Day 51: Candy Spree at Dylan’s

In NYC, NYC Candy Stores, NYC Shopping, things to do in NYC on July 21, 2009 at 11:00 pm


Need a fix for that nagging sweet tooth? Head east and up to Dylan’s Candy Bar on Third Avenue and 60th Street for a shopping spree in this candy lover’s paradise—what wide-eyed children have been known to call “Heaven”. Though it’s a known fact that founder and CEO Dylan Lauren is the daughter of superstar fashion designer Ralph, it’s still unclear whether there’s any Wonka in the bloodline. Indeed he’d be impressed by Lauren’s 15,000 square foot wonderland of quite possibly every candy ever invented. Lining every inch of wall space on two floors, shoppers find everything from drops and beans to gummies, chews, chocolates, even candy-inspired apparel and accessories in colors both bright and pastel. The selection is sure to have one salivating instantly. And as if two floors are not enough, a third houses three party rooms for special events. Treats here run pricier than they do at other stores where available, but then again, not every retailer does it up like Dylan. For a day of good old fashioned fun, take a trip over and indulge. So you love candy… don’t worry. You’re secret’s safe here!


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