Andrea F

Day 60: A Walk Through Williamsburg

In Brooklyn, NYC, NYC Bars, NYC Bookstores, NYC Shopping, NYC Vintage Stores, things to do in NYC on July 30, 2009 at 11:56 pm


Most New Yorkers know of Brooklyn’s hip neighborhood Williamsburg, just across the East River, one stop out of Manhattan on the L train. But if you aren’t a resident yourself, you might not know where to go when you get there. For a day of fun soaking up the artistic and ethnic aspects of the this still burgeoning locality, take a look at the cheat sheet below:

Start your day off with an iced coffee, egg and cheese (2 eggs, queso blanco and salsa verde) and a fresh sugar donut from Maribel at La Villita. Next head over to stylish salon/gift shop (dreamlike Japanese boutique) Commune for a haircut by Chi. With new ‘do, head to Spoonbill & Sugartown to peruse the shelves and with favorite paperback  in hand, head to the park right at the water’s edge at Kent and North 8th for a hour’s read. Next walk over to Beacon’s Closet for a tour through endless racks of vintage goodies sure to jazz up your summer wardrobe. After tiring yourself out there, stop for a late-day mojito at Nita Nita and hang out with great jukebox tunes in one of the neighborhood’s best backyards. Stroll back down Bedford in and out of stylish boutiques and make a stop in Uva wine shop where you’ll find some affordable wines without breaking the bank. Head a way’s further south to Bedford Cheese for a Napoli baguette and some marinated olives. Then turn back around and catch the L back to the city. Once on the train, sit back and smile at all your great finds.


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