Andrea F

Day 66: The Putting Lot

In Brooklyn, NYC, NYC Sports and Recreation, Summer 2009, things to do in NYC on August 5, 2009 at 11:47 pm

putting lot

It’s summer time—days out of doors, jean shorts and flip-flops, feeling like a kid again…if only there was a place to put-put. Guess what! There is—for the rest of the summer anyway—thanks to Bushwick’s coolest new neighbor, The Putting Lot. Hop on the L train (and stay a while past your usual stop) to Jefferson Street, where around the corner, nestled in between two buildings, behind a fence at 12 Wycoff Avenue, you’ll find this parking lot turned putting lot, the result of a group of friends wanting to do something creative. As if nine minds came together and each did their best at unconventional-sustainable-cool, the [9-hole] course, built with random objects like water bottles, a car door and used furniture to name a few, illustrates the undeniable fact that in New York, anything goes. Come for a five-dollar game, or just a moment to relax (for free); take a minute and appreciate the little things that make this city the great place that it is.


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