Andrea F

Day 75: Lincoln Center Out of Doors

In Lincoln Center, NYC, NYC for free, NYC Performing Arts, Summer 2009, things to do in NYC on August 14, 2009 at 11:46 pm


If you’re a fan of the Ballet, the Opera, or the Philharmonic, and you’re in New York, you know Lincoln Center. You’ve admired Chagall’s paintings and looked out of the grand, arched windows in the Metropolitan Opera House, maybe caught a film at the Walter Reade Theater, and perhaps have even sat in the newly re-designed Starr Theater at Alice Tully Hall. During the summer, the Center puts on Lincoln Center Out of Doors, were performers in music, dance and spoken word bring their talents outside, to the plazas. With great open spaces throughout the complex, the summer venues are quite impressive with rows of chairs lined up for the hordes of spectators, whether those that just happen to be passing by or friends meeting for a something new to see and hear, maybe an Afro-Cuban dance troupe or a Slavic Soul Party. All performances are free, and there are bars set up throughout. (Those you have to pay for.) So head on over and pull up a seat. Call it your night of open-air Arts & Culture. Through August 23.


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