Andrea F

Day 80: Glass of Rosé at City Winery

In NYC, NYC Music, NYC Restaurants, NYC Wine Bars, things to do in NYC on August 19, 2009 at 11:49 pm


It’s an interesting concept they’ve got going—a 21,000 square foot restaurant/wine bar that combines the dining experience with live music and…winemaking. Yes, actual winemaking, right here in the city. It’s City Winery. One foot into the immense dining room space, it’s evident they’re all about wine—wood plank floors, wood beams (Oak, one would guess!), brick walls, high ceilings and a winding staircase leading to a wall of wine bottles. The wine list includes 500-something wines and the dinner menu, is a clever chart where wines are broken down by red or white and then once more by fruity, crisp, bold… then from each, arrows directing you to suggested food pairings from cheese and salamis from Murray’s Cheese, to crostinis, flatbread pizzas, pan-seared scallops, steak and chops. A typical visit is probably a seat at a table or up by the bar, maybe with a performance of live music or spoken word. But if you’re up for a real experience sign up for tasting seminars, winemaking classes or become a barrel owner and get in on the process from the start—the crushing, the pressing, fermentation and bottling—even design your own label. Whether you’re up for the whole adventure or nothing more than a refreshing glass of summer Rosé, City Winery is a hot new place on the Manhattan map and definitely worth a visit.



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