Andrea F

Day 83: Dean & DeLuca

In NYC, NYC Food, NYC Shopping, things to do in NYC on August 22, 2009 at 11:54 pm


With the airwaves today inundated with reality cooking shows and celebrity chefs being household names, by now isn’t just about everyone a foodie? Well, assuming you fit into the foodie population, if you don’t know it yet, you must get to know Dean & DeLuca. Since being founded in 1977 by business partners Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca, the company—a gourmet food and cookware emporium—  has expanded to include a handful of locations across the country and another few internationally. But, it all started in New York City’s Soho. The 10,000 square foot store whose simple-fancy interior includes Carrara marble floors, white walls and stainless steel shelving is heaven for anyone with an appreciation for preparing exquisite food, or even just eating it. With a step in from the busy downtown corner of Broadway and Prince Street, visitors are welcomed by a mouth-watering produce department to one side, and a coffee counter with pretty cakes and confections to the other. Further in, be enticed by mountains of artisanal cheeses at the cheese counter and then with a block of Cave-Aged Gruyère in hand, proceed to the bakery for a fresh baguette and then visit the meat counter for a beautiful cut of beef for that evening’s dinner. With every aisle lined in specialty food items, from Wild Raspberry Honey to the requisite Herbes de Provence, counters for prepared foods and a cookware and dinnerware department with classic white dishes, elegant stemware, pots, pans and gadgets galore, it’s a feast for the senses sure to get your creative (culinary) juices flowing. Can we say yum?



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