Andrea F

Day 84: Rickshaw Dumpling Truck

In NYC, NYC Cheap Eats, NYC Food Trucks, NYC Restaurants, things to do in NYC on August 23, 2009 at 11:54 pm


As if there aren’t enough brick and mortar restaurants for hungry New Yorkers to debate about, nowadays there’s the whole contingent of cool food trucks to consider. In actuality perhaps it’s a better deal—tasty eats, usually on the cheap, always on the fly—tacos, artisan ice cream, waffles, treats, and yes, dumplings! Rickshaw Dumpling Bar, named after the early means of transportation that originated in Asia focuses, like the man-powered vehicle- on speed and catering to the people with a simple, straight-forward menu. As a secondary location after opening on West 23rd Street in 2005, the truck, opened three years later, moves throughout the city parking itself in various neighborhoods feeding pedestrians who are, what else but on the go. With fresh ingredients and flavorful herbs and spices the dumpling truck serves the perfect sidewalk snack, six dumplings for six bucks in flavors like Chicken and Thai Basil and Classic Pork and Chinese Chives, and any side, say a Chili-Sesame Noodle Salad or an Asian Green salad for three bucks more. Take that and a cool beverage, a pair of chopsticks, find a park bench and you’ll be saying it too: ‘nice dumplings’.



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