Andrea F



Miss Andrea (Andrea like Andrea Bocelli), is a Manhattanite with a love of all things New York and an equally great love of writing. With a background in interior design and several years of working in the industry, she’s taking a step in a new direction as an aspiring writer. She keeps busy with her other blogs, Gal In The City    ( and Highly Recommended ( while contributing at and editing her first novel which she hopes to one day see in bookstores.

  1. Oh wow Andrea- your an awesome writer…you have definitely hit the spot! I, who only read cliffnotes in HS would so buy your book! You have inspired me to start working on my childrens book that I’ve always wanted to do since I was little! I look forward to your 92 days of summer! Miss you! Maybe someday you will head this way…it will be 10 yrs in Nov for Mike & I. I would love for the girls to meet you! Big hugs-Rita

  2. What a delightful way to spend some time with a beautiful gal in the city. As a lifelong resident of New York, I have had my eyes opened to some new and old venues which are currently interesting places to visit. Keep up the good work and enjoy success in your new vocation.

  3. Good read, keep it up.


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