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Day 92: City Lights from the Empire State Building

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Make it your reason for going to Midtown. Like they say, you haven’t visited New York City if you haven’t been to the top of the Empire State Building. Before you raise your hands in a fuss, stop and think—it is pretty extraordinary. From the ground, it’s known as the building with the nighttime light show in glowing colors, reminding everyone what season it is, but on the 86th floor, all that matters is the view below. Even for longtime New Yorkers, the vastness of the surrounding landscape, that includes not only the city, but local waterways and neighboring states as well, is in a word, breathtaking. Since its completion in 1931, the New York landmark building has welcomed thousands daily to snap shots against the luminescent backdrop, or study the grid of city streets that buzzes with traffic over a thousand feet down, maybe even daydream themselves into their own Hollywood Blockbuster (think King Kong, Sleepless in Seattle). Being part of the daily grind it’s easy to forget the expanse of the city, but from a quarter mile up in the sky, there’s absolutely no denying it.


Day 76: Warm Up/PS1

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PS1 Contemporary Art Center in Long Island City has been around since the 70s, but it’s only in the last decade that it’s attracted the stylish, party-loving crowd it sees on summer weekends these days. Since 1998 PS1 has held what’s come to be known as one of the hottest parties for city dwellers ‘without a house in the Hamptons’ to head to– Warm Up. 2009 marks the tenth year of the Center’s collaboration with MoMA, its Young Architects Program, the winner of which designs an outdoor recreation area at PS1 where visitors come for the summer weekend music series to lounge, dance, visit with friends and literally chill. This year’s winning design Afterparty by MOS, offers relief from the hot hot heat with cool water misting in between a village of large-scale ‘huts’. Just beyond is the dance floor where bodies move to the beat of the music, whether live band, DJ or experimental. Inside, the hallways are open for visitors to check out galleries showing current exhibitions and permanent installations. Make sure to hit the third floor at dusk for James Turrell’s Meeting. It’s a slightly different scene from the party downstairs but  a rare view of the night’s sky you won’t want to miss.

Day 58: Gondola Ride in Central Park

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Everyone knows the Central Park rowboats, but unless you are able to see through them, you might miss the gondola that shares the Lake with them. The best time to go for a ride is actually at the end of the day, once the unskilled rowers are back on land and the lone oarsman is the gondolier. It’s not Venice, but for thirty bucks and not having to buy a transatlantic plane ticket, it’s a lovely second best. Once off the dock at the boathouse, sit back with a glass of wine and relax under the evening sky with breathtaking views of the park and historical Upper West Side architecture, and sweet serenades by the man of the boat. Though it can be just as lovely with a friend, the scene is a perfect recipe for romance, so if that’s a possibility, just be sure you want it. Word on the water is that the gondolier witnesses proposals regularly—only thing is, they don’t always end in yes!

Day 54: Free Fridays at MoMA

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There’s a stretch of 53rd Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues that’s taken up by an architectural masterpiece. It’s New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, or like the bold black letters spell, MoMA. The striking glass façade of Yoshio Taniguchi’s 630,000 square foot museum alone can take your breath away, but inside, it only gets better. Around every corner over the six floors of exhibition space there’s a view to somewhere else—of art, or of footsteps passing by—via open throughways and narrow windows cut out of blank white walls. At one moment there’s frenzy, the very next calm, standing face to face with a Seurat. Regular admission is a hefty twenty bucks but thanks to sponsorship by Target stores, Fridays are free from 4-8pm. Take a walk through and then chill for a while outside in the sculpture garden. If you can handle the overwhelming swarms of people, it’s worth it.

Day 43: A Seat in the Sun at Alice Tully Hall

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As are many great cities across the globe, New York is home to a multitude of architectural masterpieces. One of the latest to arrive on the scene is Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall, re-designed by the renowned architectural firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro. After a summer 2006 groundbreaking, the project re-opened in February of this year and stands on the corner of West 65th Street as a breathtaking symbol of 21st century design, and the art and culture that is a life force for the city. The building’s modern glass façade offers a glimpse into the hall’s interior, even for those just passing by. With the intention that the project give an identity to the street and serve as a public space, the firm’s design includes a modern glass façade and on the corner, a grandstand of sorts, where visitors are welcomed to sit and experience the space, even if only on the outside looking in. This is one of those rare times in New York when tickets to the show really aren’t a must!

Day 37: Center for Architecture

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As it describes itself, the Center for Architecture is a place where anyone with an interest in ‘the built environment’ can come to ‘gather, share, learn, honor and advocate.” Located on LaGuardia Place, in the heart of Greenwich Village, the Center is open to industry professionals along with the general public as well, with exhibitions on view daily and scheduled events including tours, lectures, and film screenings. Though the Center’s programs and exhibitions cover topics in many areas of the industry, there is a focus on New York architecture, with a goal of helping visitors develop a greater appreciation for the city around us. Currently on view, until September 14—A Space Within: The National September 11 Memorial and Museum, scheduled for partial completion in 2011.