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Day 79: Lasker Pool

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On a hot summer day there’s nothing quite like jumping in a pool and then resting in the warmth of the sun. Mention the pool in Central Park to people and most of them will say they didn’t even know there was one. That may be because it’s nestled mid-park all the way at the top, between 106th and 108th Streets just next to the Harlem Meer. During winter months it’s Lasker Rink where you’ll find ice-skating and high school hockey games, but at summertime it’s the oh-so-inviting Lasker Pool, opened in 1966 thanks to the generous donation by the wealthy Lasker sisters. In its off hours, the glassine, bright blue oval set amongst the trees creates a serene waterscape that passersby can admire from afar, but once the crowds arrive, it’s all fun and games as children laugh and play, and splash about. Bordering the pool itself is an arc of concrete ‘bleachers’ where crowds sit, and sunbathers bathe. Remember to bring the essentials – proper swim attire (including flip flops!), a towel, a lock and of course the sunblock. It’s a great escape without even leaving the city, and best, it’s free!

11am – 3pm, 4-7pm daily, through September 5.


Day 77: Pool Parties Series

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There isn’t a pool, but that’s not to say it isn’t a party. Started in 2006 and named for its original venue, the empty McCarren Park Pool, it’s Jelly’s free summer music series known as the Pool Parties. Now taking place at 90 Kent Street in Williamsburg at East River Park, the stage sits along the East River with the Manhattan skyline as the main backdrop. Inside the park, that feels more like a lot, teams of hipsters in short shorts play organized games of basketball and dodgeball while onlookers sizzle in the hot summer sun. Though there’s little in the way of shade, tents border the park selling beer, wine and food, to keep you standing…or of course make you dizzy. If you can handle the heat, it’s a cool Sunday afternoon out of doors. Cool as in all right, that is. 

Sundays 2-8pm through August 30.






Day 76: Warm Up/PS1

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PS1 Contemporary Art Center in Long Island City has been around since the 70s, but it’s only in the last decade that it’s attracted the stylish, party-loving crowd it sees on summer weekends these days. Since 1998 PS1 has held what’s come to be known as one of the hottest parties for city dwellers ‘without a house in the Hamptons’ to head to– Warm Up. 2009 marks the tenth year of the Center’s collaboration with MoMA, its Young Architects Program, the winner of which designs an outdoor recreation area at PS1 where visitors come for the summer weekend music series to lounge, dance, visit with friends and literally chill. This year’s winning design Afterparty by MOS, offers relief from the hot hot heat with cool water misting in between a village of large-scale ‘huts’. Just beyond is the dance floor where bodies move to the beat of the music, whether live band, DJ or experimental. Inside, the hallways are open for visitors to check out galleries showing current exhibitions and permanent installations. Make sure to hit the third floor at dusk for James Turrell’s Meeting. It’s a slightly different scene from the party downstairs but  a rare view of the night’s sky you won’t want to miss.

Day 75: Lincoln Center Out of Doors

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If you’re a fan of the Ballet, the Opera, or the Philharmonic, and you’re in New York, you know Lincoln Center. You’ve admired Chagall’s paintings and looked out of the grand, arched windows in the Metropolitan Opera House, maybe caught a film at the Walter Reade Theater, and perhaps have even sat in the newly re-designed Starr Theater at Alice Tully Hall. During the summer, the Center puts on Lincoln Center Out of Doors, were performers in music, dance and spoken word bring their talents outside, to the plazas. With great open spaces throughout the complex, the summer venues are quite impressive with rows of chairs lined up for the hordes of spectators, whether those that just happen to be passing by or friends meeting for a something new to see and hear, maybe an Afro-Cuban dance troupe or a Slavic Soul Party. All performances are free, and there are bars set up throughout. (Those you have to pay for.) So head on over and pull up a seat. Call it your night of open-air Arts & Culture. Through August 23.

Day 72: Trapeze School NY

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Ever wish you could swing on a flying trapeze but know joining the circus is out of the question? No need to run away from real life—instead find circus-style fun at Trapeze School New York. Of the two locations in the city, only the outdoor facility at Pier 40 (Houston Street and the West Side Highway) is open only during the summer, so head over quickly. Whether you go for a session in the morning or afternoon, it’s a chance to stand up high in the sky and almost literally, fly through the clouds. During a two-hour class, you’ll hang from your knees, do a back-flip, and if you’re quick enough to catch on, you’ll do a trick where you get caught by an instructor. It may seem a bit daunting at first, the open air and the height from the platform to the ground below, but once you’re broken in, you’ll realize what all those childhood daydreams of life under the Big Top were all about. In the school’s own words: “Forget Fear. Worry About the Addiction.”

Day 69: Jones Beach State Park

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What’s summer without a day at the beach? Grab your towel and sunblock and head east to the ten-mile stretch of sand along the Atlantic Ocean, at Jones Beach in Long Island. For decades, New Yorkers have been coming out in droves, thanks to the development of the park by Robert Moses since 1929, to splash in the waves, picnic with friends, catch a game of volleyball or sprawl out to soak up the sun. On weekends especially the quiet breeze and soothing sounds of crashing waves mix with happy crowds who frolic and play, while the soft colors of sea and sand are brightened by endless umbrellas and blankets. Keep your eyes peeled and you might even see a yellow polka-dot bikini or two!

Day 66: The Putting Lot

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putting lot

It’s summer time—days out of doors, jean shorts and flip-flops, feeling like a kid again…if only there was a place to put-put. Guess what! There is—for the rest of the summer anyway—thanks to Bushwick’s coolest new neighbor, The Putting Lot. Hop on the L train (and stay a while past your usual stop) to Jefferson Street, where around the corner, nestled in between two buildings, behind a fence at 12 Wycoff Avenue, you’ll find this parking lot turned putting lot, the result of a group of friends wanting to do something creative. As if nine minds came together and each did their best at unconventional-sustainable-cool, the [9-hole] course, built with random objects like water bottles, a car door and used furniture to name a few, illustrates the undeniable fact that in New York, anything goes. Come for a five-dollar game, or just a moment to relax (for free); take a minute and appreciate the little things that make this city the great place that it is.

Day 40: Free Bike Fridays on Governors Island

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Feel like taking a bike ride but lack the wheels with which to do so? Take the ferry over to Governors Island, a centuries-old former military base that lies a half mile south of Manhattan’s Southern tip. Just off the boat take a left to the bike tent where on Friday’s you can rent a bicycle and ride free for an hour on over five miles of car-free rode. The perimeter of the island offers views of Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Statue of Liberty of course, but inside the island, turn off on side streets for a closer look at old Army and Coast Guard buildings including two 19th century fortifications, Fort Jay and Castle Williams, historic homes along Colonel’s Row, two chapels, even a movie theater. Ferries depart Manhattan every hour beginning at 10am, but go early. The later it gets, the bigger the crowd.

Day 36: Monday Night Movie on the Elevated Acre

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In the middle of the Financial District, hiding on the back lower roof at 55 Water Street, stories below the tops of neighborhood skyscrapers, there’s a lawn (never mind that it’s artificial), where on Monday nights, city folk gather to watch a free movie as part of the annual summer River to River Festival. The show starts at dark, but come early to claim a spot. Spread out a blanket, bring a picnic dinner and kick back with a flick under the lower Manhattan sky. Free popcorn and bottled water are handed out on the garden deck in the back—cause…what’s a movie without popcorn? Before it’s too dark, make sure to check out the late-day silver blue water of the East River and Brooklyn right across the way.

Day 34: Fourth of July Fireworks

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Summer’s biggest celebration is the Fourth of July and the biggest fireworks show is Macy’s Fireworks Display in New York City. As the perfect end to a patriotic day of blue skies, hot dogs and apple pies, the night sky is illuminated for twenty-six spectacular minutes,with colors that have even the coolest crowds ooh-ing and aah-ing. Whether in a park, aboard a boat or on a rooftop, it’s a dazzling show of lights you don’t want to miss.